An Interesting Synergy: Business Growth and Custom Software

Posted on: December 11th, 2015 - Written by: admin

We feel that custom software contributes directly to your business’s growth. Of course we believe this—we’re a custom software development group. But do the facts actually support our position?

It turns out that research is showing one-size-fits-all solutions are not as popular as they once were for mission-critical enterprise applications. This is not surprising, because today’s businesses are more innovative than ever before, pushing the envelope in many different ways. So it makes sense that the software needs of those businesses would be unique—and that the applications used would need to push the envelope as well.

Business and IT: How Can You Repair the Dysfunctional Relationship?

Posted on: October 24th, 2012 - Written by: Tom Metz

The relationship between business departments and IT is often a very dysfunctional one that is a result of dashed expectations, failed follow-through and unparalleled thinking and planning. A by-product of this dysfunctional relationship is the lack of purposeful IT innovation (according to what recent industry research uncovered). In fact, the relationship has degraded to the point, [...]

Mobile’s Game-Changing Force: When Will It Arrive?

Posted on: June 29th, 2012 - Written by: John Blomberg

In addition to delivering voice, email and text, Smartphones are amazing in what they can do from mapping routes to delivering reports. But mobile commerce has remained a little challenging. Making “buying stuff” simple on a Smartphone has eluded mobile platform developers and maybe buying over a small screen is not what consumers really need [...]

DIY – Using Linkedin For Your Business

Posted on: April 6th, 2012 - Written by: Deana Hicks

Ebook – How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn LinkedIn is a powerful, more professional, social networking platform filled with opportunities for you to grow your business and generate leads. The platform can be used to sell your services/business directly and indirectly. Aside from that linkedin has a very valuable knowledge base through groups, applications, job [...]