Understanding Pricing & Markup

Posted on: March 24th, 2015 - Written by: Day Dosch

As an online store owner using the NutriLoader feed, it is important that you understand your data resources for pricing information in order to intelligently mark up your prices to retail. 

Europa Direct Ship vs. Web Fulfillment Accounts

Many of our eCommerce clients have 2 accounts with Europa: a Direct Ship account that is used to order products for their brick and mortar store or for their own stock, and a Web Fulfillment Account which is strictly for the sale of Europa products in an online store. In addition to having different account numbers for each account, you will notice that the pricing extended to you on each account is different, and that some products are not offered in the Web Fulfillment account. Contact your Europa representative to ensure you know where to look for each account’s product data.

Price Markup in the NutriLoader

INSite’s NutriLoader works only with your Web Fulfillment account product data. When you mark up pricing in your NutriLoader portal, you are marking up from your cost, or rather the discounted cost that Europa has given you.

Parent Products vs. Product Variants

Many inquiries come our way regarding missing products, and incorrect pricing. Much of the confusion stems from the fact that product data is listed and priced by individual product variants in your Europa Web Fulfillment account data. The NutriLoader takes this product data and groups the variants under their parent product, so when you are comparing the number of products available, you should realize that you may in reality be seeing/counting the parent products, which is some cases represents several individual products, such as different flavors, sizes, or # of servings.

In addition, you should be aware that In many cases, each product variant can have a different price, so look carefully at your pricing from Europa for each variant. The NutriLoader is going to mark up pricing according to your settings from each individual variants’ price.

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