INSite Business Solutions Creates Unique Book Planner Product for Client

Posted on: December 9th, 2015 - Written by: admin

FORT MILL, South Carolina – December 8, 2015 – INSite Business Solutions announced the development of a unique new product for a client in the self-publishing industry. The new custom application, Book Planner, was developed at the request of Joel Friedlander and Tracy Atkins, both experts on self-publishing and e-book technology.

Mr. Friedlander and Mr. Atkins are the founders and managers of Book Design Templates, which seeks “to solve a problem that has seemed almost impossible up until now for indie authors—getting a good-looking, industry-standard book interior from a word processing program.”

Book Planner, an extension of the resources offered by Book Design Templates, is an online SaaS product that will function as a task scheduler system for self-published authors. “Book Planner will automatically create a guided book plan schedule based on the allotted time between a project’s start and end,” explained Jered Larsen, Business Analyst at INSite Business Solutions. “We have built Book Planner to be able to make a tailored plan for each author—and for each book—that is generated once a target publication date has been selected.”

Other key features of the application include the following:

• Users can access Book Planner on both mobile and desktop devices.

• Book Planner will support many users, each with their own book planning environment and independent access to their specific book planning projects.

• Each user’s experience within Book Planner will be customized, as the application supports a variety of time-driven project plans while also recording progress for every individual project.

• Book Planner provides more than one way to view a project’s progress, including a task list and a calendar view.

• Each task generated by Book Planner includes expert guidance and instruction for authors.

When asked about his experience working with INSite on Book Planner, Mr. Atkins expressed the following: “When it came time to find a development team to turn Book Planner from a collection of concepts and ideas into a premium commercial application, our search for the right people to make it happen stretched from India to England—and covered all points in between. It was amazing luck that INSite happened to be local and available to consult with us on the project. After that first meeting, we knew we had found the right team—they have highly skilled and competent developers, an excellent UI designer, and the experience to expertly execute the Book Planner project. INSite very much became our own team who not only understood our needs but was also able to advise and collaborate to meet our goals.”


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