Video Conferencing Puts a Face on Collaboration

Posted on: October 16th, 2012 - Written by: John Blomberg

Collaboration is as mobile as anything else these days and video conferencing is making it more “real”.

Face-to-face is preferred by many and is sometimes the “excuse” for not using “remote” collaboration software tools.

This makes sense to the extent that some communication is improved by having a visual context. There are definitely times that it is beneficial to see expressions as group discussion or demonstration is taking place. With today’s video-conferencing tools, face-to-face IS possible and it is even affordable.

With all that web-based and mobile software tools make possible – from collaborative software development sessions among developers on opposite ends of continents to bedtime stories between traveling parents and children – collaboration tools have changed the way we think about work environment requirements and remote limitations.

Read “Video Conferencing Is Fueling the Remote-Work Engine” that was published in BizTech Magazine October 10, 2012 for more on this topic and this technology.

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