In the Midst of Many Web Designers – How Does One Stand Out in a Sea of Websites?

Posted on: February 15th, 2012 - Written by: Tyler Gordon

Standing Out As A Web Designer

Clients and employers are using many tools and resources – besides traditional talent searches – to find web designers. And if that isn’t enough, it seems that everyone and their mother thinks they are a web designer. When you are in the midst of many web designers, how does one stand out?

How do you set yourself apart amidst the sea of web designers?

Learning, understanding and conveying sense of value to your work is what will set you apart as a web designer.

Learning Web Design Values

Adding pretty effects is a nice touch of style to a website, but if the website, doesn’t function as intended or you cannot justify the decisions you have made to a client other than the fact that “they look good” you are in danger of failing as a designer and problem solver. Understanding the differences between style and design is the opening of doors to conveying sense of value.

Understanding Web Design Value

Only about half of what web designers do is actual design work. The other half is called business. Love it or hate it, you have to learn how to sell yourself, your services and your value. You cannot sell any of those without understanding what exactly your value is.

To find your value, focus on the why rather than the how. Anyone can learn the basics of Photoshop, but understanding the basics of design from a functionality and purpose perspective is what many lack – and a category through which you can establish your differentiator.

Conveying Web Design Value

Understanding and conveying your value and the value of each decision you made for each piece of work will keep you in demand.

Understanding value is also handy when you are in the position to talk directly to a client. This understanding can save you endless frustration and revisions. Conveying the value to others will assist in them not making decisions based on look but rather other elements such as usability, functionality – which as you know – are the valuable things.

Conveying the value of your work and decisions will also help you to prevent projects from spiraling out of control, provide confidence in yourself and decisions, and help you better stand up for your work.

Design without meaning or reason is nothing more than a pretty picture” – Unknown

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