Get Referrals without Asking

Posted on: January 4th, 2012 - Written by: John Blomberg

Get Referrals

Does the source that your leads come from make a difference?

How do you get referrals without asking?

A simple illustration can answer this question.

Some years ago, a sales individual had the great fortune of generating more than $500,000 with a single sale. It took him a little more than 6 months to close the deal after other vendors had been vying for this business for a decade. What was the reason the client went with the successful sales person? – It is quite simple: The client was a referral to this vendor.

While many say they understand the value of referrals, most aren’t doing enough to get the consistent supply of quality leads from their clients, prospects, and centers of influence that they should be getting.

What does one of the best referral experts in the world say?

Bill Cates, CSP™, of Referral Coach International, the financial services industry’s foremost expert on building a thriving referral-based business, offers great insights into this topic. Here are just a few of his highlights designed to help you. According to Bill, you can get referrals without asking if you:

Get Referrals

It stands to reason that if you have more happy customers and more successful projects, you will generate more referrals without requesting them. First of all, have a great process that delivers tremendous value from the very start of a new relationship. Secondly, have a client-service promise that insures you continue to provide value throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

Be More Proactive

Getting referrals without asking for them doesn’t mean you aren’t proactive in acquiring referrals. It means you may not directly ask for them. Many sales professionals can’t overcome their fear or false assumptions with regard to asking for referrals. Instead, promote referrals. A great line from Bill Cates is “Don’t Keep Us a Secret.” Follow up you client’s recognition of your value with, “I’m glad you see the value of our work. Please don’t keep us a secret.” There are many low-key or more subliminal ways to promote referrals. Get creative.

Do it Like a Master

Amateurs practice to get it right, masters practice until they can’t get it wrong. This insight can have a dramatic impact on more than just your sales process. It is a simple concept. Your initial impression makes a big difference in your results. Abraham Lincoln said: “Whatever you are, be a good one.” If approach each call, meeting, contact as a master at your craft – instead of settling for less – you will create business that is worthy of your skills and efforts.

This concept is well illustrated in sports. One team’s goalie makes it clear he is a master from the first kick of the soccer game. Even though the other team was the favorite to win, this goalie’s mastery of his game gave him and his team an edge – enough of an edge to beat out the favored competitor.

Applying these initiatives will make a tremendous difference in the quality and quantity of the referrals that you receive – without even asking.

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