Emerging Businesses Can Leverage Web Apps to Gain Competitive Advantage

Posted on: August 9th, 2012 - Written by: John Blomberg

Web apps and mobile apps are not items that are appropriate or affordable for only large, established companies to use. In fact, developing web and mobile apps that are customized to specific needs and processes can give a company new to its marketplace or trying to establish a foothold in a new market a significant leg up on their competitors and market peers.

Web and mobile apps level the playing field by giving even small upstarts a platform to easily reach and serve a global marketplace. The key is in finding a development partner that is qualified with the skills and experience to make sure your app works properly and meets your goals. INSite has intimate understanding of the significance of being “qualified” as they have often calmed the chaos caused by service providers who aren’t.

INSite has found that it is just as important to understanding the way business processes need to work as it is to know how technology works. Usually business owners or business unit managers only know what they need to do. They probably have little or no idea what it will take to make technology do it.

When the business and technology knowledge come together it sets custom application development experts apart from mainstream code writers and enables them to give business users the apps that will produce the intended results.

A web app (or application) is simply defined as software that runs on a web browser. Simple in concept but tremendous in impact, an emerging business can use web apps to tweak their operating model and leverage the global power of the Internet.

By using web apps, emerging companies can ensure that several things happen:

  • They can make their presence known – even scaling rapidly – in a targeted or global universe
  • They can offer specific products, services and resources to their intended prospects
  • They can offer a secure environment for their customers and/or employees to interact
  • They are not limited by geography or space
  • They can learn about their customers from their interactions with the apps

Web apps – especially those customized to produce specific results – give the business control of their universe – regardless of their size or age.

Custom web apps are one of the single most power ways to heighten employee and company productivity and to elevate customer accessibility to business resources, products and support.

Because businesses are finally understanding the potential of custom application development, it is one of the most sought after IT specialties. Businesses now understand that custom web apps can help them streamline their processes in operational and marketing areas, provide them with information for better decision making, help them claim their place in the market and become more profitable.

Web and mobile apps can benefit both the employee and the customer. Whether the customized app makes employees more productive or gives customers a better experience, it is an equalizer for the emerging company – if it does what the user needs for it to do.

And that is where the capabilities of your development resources are proved.

Sure, your custom development resource needs to meet certain criteria:

  • They must have programmers skilled in complex development, delivering code that is clean and bug-free
  • They must have the resources to deliver the app on time and within budget

But, as stated at the beginning of this post, they must also meet one other criterion:

  • They must be able to apply technical expertise to business acumen so that they can match technology to business goals and understand how to give the technology the behavior that produces the results users are after

It isn’t difficult to find good programmers.

It isn’t difficult to find good business analysts.

However, it is challenging to find professionals who excel at both.

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