Business Finally Understands Value of Custom Software Development

Posted on: July 5th, 2012 - Written by: John Blomberg

Custom Software Development

Business continues to develop a dependency on technology.

The role – and the importance – of the software developer is changing as technology’s importance to business operations increases.

Two articles caught my attention in considering this.

Creative leadership among innovative developers is capturing attention for good reason. It is the programs and platforms resulting from this group’s skill that enables just about every facet of success that businesses are enjoying. Technology has become the tool, the differentiator and often the weapon that companies use in creating success.

Software Developers Rule the Economy Now written by Joe McKendrick and published by ZDNet May of 2012, notes that more and more and more businesses will be going public and profiting on the creative leadership of innovative developers.

This gist of it is that companies have to have technology. For instance, an absolute necessity is a data API for hackers. Ask and Salesforce about this. Then there is Social, Mobile, Global and Big Data. The strategies around these software “areas” are more critical than ever before and will not be going away.

Also consider the article in August of 2011 entitled Why Software is Eating the World by Marc Andreessen (co-author of the first widely used web-browser and co-founder of Netscape). This article is interesting because it focuses on real value not financial valuation. Marc believes, and perhaps there is truth to the issue that there is too much debate around financial valuation, as opposed to the underlying intrinsic value of the best technology companies. Technology could, as Marc states, be poised to take over large swathes of the economy.

Why? More major businesses and industries are run on software and delivered as online services. This reaches from movies to agriculture to national defense. These companies represent the Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurial technologies that are disrupting established industry structures and this will continue to happen. Software development has reached a certain level of maturation and can be depended on to produce powerful business platforms. Once the success of automation, integration and speed is unleashed in a business environment, there is no going back. The improvements are too stark.

Software development, and custom application development in particular, give businesses tremendous opportunity to leverage the investments they make in technology systems, data and human resources in ways that are being proven successful – and profitable. From where I sit, as a custom software developer and owner of a custom web-based application development firm, I can say that I’ve known this for quite a while. I have a unique view into the value that our custom applications provide to our clients and can see the translation of innovation into growth for them. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf software providers have ingrained the concept that custom software development is so expensive that companies are crazy to opt for it. Au contraire. We see quick ROI for our clients because we give them the ability to make their processes ultra-proficient and surpass their competitors in the quality of products/services they provide.

So while I believe it is late in coming, I’m happy to see that custom software development’s value is being recognized and that being a computer nerd is actually cool.

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