Agile Helps Answer the Big Software Development Deadline Question

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 - Written by: Tom Metz

One of the most critical concerns in managing software projects is making the deadline.

In many situations it could be that the deadline is just as or even more critical than price.

So how do you ensure that the speed at which you’re moving the project along is going to enable you to meet the deadline? One word: Agile.

The deadline detail is one that can determine much about the rest of the project – including the size of the project team and the project budget – and can absolutely derail an entire company if it is missed.

An organized and skilled project manager is a great insurance policy against blown deadlines – especially if your project manager subscribes to the Agile methodology principles and practices.

For INSite Business Solutions, Agile is vital to our project management success.

  • Agile drives progress through the development plan.
  • Agile makes sure project goals remain in sync with features and functionality.
  • Agile makes sure the right skills are leveraged to produce the best results.
  • Agile is the vehicle that keeps communications energized among all participants and stakeholders.
  • Agile accommodates changes, corrections and improvements.
  • Agile gives project teams confidence that they will reach deadlines every time.

Because Agile practices are very disciplined, they produce success in the most diverse selection of development projects. Components such as stories precisely map out each sequence of the project so that it is entirely possible to know with certainty what the development effort will require and give developers the ability to accommodate project differences so that unique needs don’t disrupt success. Agile gives the team confidence that their project projections are accurate and that their delivery will happen – on time.

So, yes – with Agile’s discipline and flexibility – you can answer the deadline question with confidence! “We WILL make it!”

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